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Jennifer K Photography

Telephone:  336.244.2553



My love for weddings was found only a few short years ago.  It was born out of a desire to help couples be able to retell their wedding story completely and beautifully through photographs.  The story of families coming toether, the high crisp drama of  a perfect dress, that split second before and after, when the expression breaks across the face of a new busband as he sees his bride for the first time- all of that is why I am a wedding photographer.  Those moments are all so fleeting, and my job is to capture them for you , for your legacy, forever. 

Julian Charles Photography

Telephone:  336 469 4999




This is your fairytale. Planning a wedding celebration is part of that story.  And when the day finally unfolds, you simply relax and take it all in. Your photographer is not just responsible for preserving these moments, but to capture the magic of it all and be there for you as the day ebbs and flows.


Being authentic and spontaneous through photography is an art-form, nothing less. My career, between photography commissions, is in mentoring and teaching students of photography - in the studio and all over the world. For the most part on your wedding day, I will not fuss and pose you, your family and friends - my goal is actually the opposite; anticipation and capture of unfolding moments; a split-second treasure.


Most of my brides (and grooms) find me because we have something in common. We have an easy-going personable nature, but at the same time know exactly what we want and strive toward perfection. Often, we share a love of the great outdoors, a theme that may be replayed on your wedding day. We care more about rustic character than designer salt and pepper shakers. We feel deeply, live and love simply.


I invite you to visit my website for more on my artwork, including wedding photography portfolio, testimonials, pricing and FAQ’s.

Bailey Batten Photography

Bailey Carter Batten



Instagram: @baileybattenphotography (

I am an Elkin native who loves people and creating art. Growing up in the foothills and spending many years living in the Blue Ridge Mountains has really shaped me as a photographer. I love capturing the beauty of the nature around us as well as the beauty that comes from the love shared between two people. My husband and I love spending time outside. So much so that we studied Outdoor Recreation all through college. We spend much of our livelihood in the outdoors and it's something I love to share with my clients. If you're looking for a creative documentary perspective, I'm your girl! Or if you're looking for a sense of adventure I'd love to talk more about the vision for your wedding day. 


I love being able to capture such a special day for couples. Creating art in the form of capturing precious memories is a rewarding job. My desire has shifted over time to focus on capturing the beauty, authenticity, and stillness of a moment. I see a documentary, not a portrait; a story, not a pose. So, if you're looking for something a little different or less traditional, I'd love to grab coffee and talk more about working together to capture your wedding day in the way that fits you best. // I offer collections in the follow categories: Weddings, Engagements, Bridals, Boudoir, Anniversary, Seniors, Couples, and Family.

Southern Belle Photography

Telephone:  336-972-4560


From your engagement consultation all the way to the delivery of your finished wedding album, I am here to offer you a luxury photography experience with amazing customer service and beautiful images. Getting to know you and your love story is a huge priority to me so I take time to listen to you so I can deliver images that reflect your personality and what matters most to you. I also help couples feel relaxed in front of the camera so we can capture authentic moments you can cherish forever. If you are looking for high quality service with small town charm, call me today to set up a complimentary consultation! 

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